A circuit that prods at your curiosity and arouses your wonder, the Canal Cruise is sure to leave behind deep rooted impressions in your heart.

Canal Cruise

Kumarakom, a patch of paradise afloat on the Vembanad Lake, is a cluster of quaint islands. This circuit offers you a first hand experience of the essence which makes this land a favourite haunt for tourists.


A circuit where you can feel history swirling at each nook and cranny. Listen to the relics of yore whispering to you about an eventful past, transporting you back several hundred years.

Heritage Kottayam

Explore the lush hill stations of Kottayam. Embrace the heady rush of adrenalin as you trot up the many hill stations which provide breathtaking aerial views of the enticing surrounds.

Hill Stations

Embark upon an awe inspiring pilgrimage and learn about the cultural legacy of the land.